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Enabling better matches between business and talent.

Kvant is a recruitment and HR consulting company that helps businesses attract and hire the right talent for their purpose.


Through our tailored process we are able to quantify potential in order to find the perfect match for your business. Our method increases efficiency, reduces risk and brings transparency to recruitment and talent management. We specialize within financial services and professional services in order to provide deep industry knowledge and extensive candidate reach. 


Recruitment Services

We provide a seamless, data driven and customer centric recruitment service that is based on scientific evidence from over 70 years of research. We invest in industry knowledge, digital solutions, certification and training in order to ensure quality every step of the way. 

Consulting Services

Are you curious how you can attract more of the right talent, how to better compose your team, how to get the most out of your people or how to improve your in-house recruitment? We provide consulting services where we help change or build your talent management strategy in a way, that enables you to acquire and build the competence you need.

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