The KVANT Recruitment Method

Kvant’s recruitment method is characterized by a project-based approach to talent recruitment and the investment in our consultants’ professional expertise. Through a structured and evidence-based methodology combined with business acumen, we more effectively and accurately assess candidates on relevant parameters. Our method is designed to reduce the risk of mishire, time-to-hire and cost for our clients, while at the same time increasing the chance of them receiving a high quality outcome. 

Our in-house developed process and tools are tailored to make it easy and efficient to make qualified decisions on talent acquisition. A new hire is closely knit to business strategy and future direction, and our consultants challenge and guide you through each step of the hiring process, to assure that relevant information and counselling is provided.



The KVANT Process

Job Analysis
The job analysis will serve as a foundation for all decisions made regarding sourcing, communication with and evaluation of potential candidates.
Our consultants conduct effective and targeted searches and screenings through the use of our network, Kvant Community and other relevant platforms.
Screening Interview
During the screening stage of the process we build hypotheses about the potential candidates and their competence for a seamless transition to the next round of interviews.
Meet and Greet
We facilitate a meeting with relevant candidates to validate the established hypotheses about their competence and to be able to correctly assess them before the assessment stage.
Assessment Interview
We evaluate candidates’ potential through certified ability and personality tests in addition to bespoke case assignments to assure the right competency and motivation for the position.
Reference Check and Offer
We conduct a thorough reference check of the candidate in order to validate the information we found throughout the recruitment process.
Final Report
In the final stage we will provide a report summarizing all key findings and relevant information collected throughout the process for further onboarding of your new team member.
How do we select our candidates?

Our processes are characterized by predefined steps that are carried out in line with the project plan, while at the same time having an agile and flexible approach to the process as a whole. The process should be transparent and predictable, with The Job Analysis stage is the foundation for decisions related to both search, communication with and assessment of potential candidates, and our consultants therefore make a significant effort in understanding the company and the role that is in scope. Through effective and targeted search and screening, we make hypotheses about candidates that make for a seamless transition to the first interviews, where we validate the established assumptions. After ensuring engagement and motivation in the relevant candidates, we further assess the potential match by using certified psychological assessments and case assignments tailor-made for the project in question. At last we do a thorough reference check to assure that the information we have gathered throughout the process is substantiated, and to guide you in the onboarding process later on.



What do we measure?

Group 501
Group 424
Cognitive Abilities
Group 499
My recruitment process felt seamless and professional, and I appreciate Kvant's ability to bring out the best in both candidates and clients. As a candidate, I really enjoyed how they kept me informed and updated throughout every step of the process.
Sivert H. Sommerstad, Financial Controller at Coop
Sivert Sommerstad

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