• Øivind Fossum Persen

Markus Ringstad: Kvant’s new Senior Consultant

We have the pleasure of announcing Markus Ringstad as Kvant’s newest Senior Consultant. Markus supplies our team with significant experience from working with strategy development, particularly within eCommerce, pharmaceuticals and the media industry. He holds an MSc in Economics and Strategy from Imperial College in London, in addition to a BSc in Business Administration from Boston University. Markus’ skills and knowledge within strategic decision making and problem solving will help build and maintain Kvant’s recruitment and consultancy services.

Upon successful completion of studies and internships abroad, Markus returned to Norway in 2019 and began his career with the global consulting firm Accenture. During his time in Accenture, he gained experience in multiple project functions ranging from M&A divestments, eCommerce strategy, supply chain transformation and financial modelling. He also analyzed the entire digital value chain of a Nordic e-commerce platform in order to create an M&A strategy for the client. Now, Markus is ready to embark on new challenges within recruitment in the finance and consulting industries.

"Having worked with crunching numbers in finance and solving problems in consulting, I am excited to embark upon the ultimate challenge; finding the right people. The importance of having the right talent and culture within an organization is quickly becoming the number one separator of high performing companies, especially in the world we live in today. Kvant is a young, ambitious, dynamic and highly skilled company with values closely aligned to mine, and I am very excited to be a part of the family and rapidly grow together."

- Markus Ringstad, Senior Consultant at Kvant Consulting

Moving forward, Markus will take the lead of various recruitment processes in order to outsource, identify and match the right candidates with our clients. We firmly believe that Markus’ skills will add valuable competence to our rapidly expanding team. Kvant Consulting consists of young professionals with a varied spectrum of backgrounds, in which Markus’ competence within finding answers and solutions to complex problems will strengthen our practices.

"We are very excited to have Markus joining us. Not only is he a very talented and skilled individual with a strategic and analytical mindset, but also a through and through great person. I cannot wait to see what he will be able to accomplish, to the benefit of us, our clients and all the great talent we work with."

- Ole Kristian Lohnaas, CEO of Kvant Consulting

On behalf of the entire Kvant team, we wish Markus a warm welcome and look forward to working together!