Recruitment and Advisory Services

We specialize in recruiting high-performing professionals within strategy, finance, analytics and sales.

Insight and Access to High Performers

Kvant is a leading recruitment and advisory firm with expertise in attracting high-performing professionals within strategy, business development, finance, and analytics. We deliver high-quality recruitment services based on methodology and best practice from management consulting and HR, combined with a structured and analytical approach.

Through our project-based approach and strict result-orientation, we ensure a robust, secure, and time-efficient process for you as a client - with solid outcomes.

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Why we succeed:

Kvant was founded by entrepreneurs with experience in management consulting and finance. By combining a strong business acumen with an analytical approach and a solid methodology, we make recruitment more efficient and effective.

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We focus on areas where we have in-depth expertise from our own experience. As a result, our recruitment services are specialized in roles within strategy and business development, finance and economics, as well as analysis and digitalization.

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We work in a structured and methodical manner to build Kvant Community, a market-leading talent network. Through this, we have in-depth knowledge and access to candidates with 2 to 15 years of experience from the strongest professional communities in Norway.

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