Our services


We use a structured and analytical methodology, combined with a project-based approach founded on principles and best practice from management consulting. With a deep understanding of your business and insights into the talent market, we can provide qualified guidance throughout the recruitment process and ensure an efficient process with a successful outcome.

Recruitment for hire

Are you scaling your business or have extensive recruitment needs? By hiring our recruitment consultants, you as a client will get both the expertise and flexibility needed to build a team or hire for multiple functions over a given time period. We can provide consultants to assist with everything from developing recruitment processes, systems and methods, to running full recruitment projects and assisting with onboarding.


Are you struggling with finding the right candidates? Through our analytical sourcing service, we assist with mapping out your company's needs and conducting targeted candidate searches to provide you with more and better candidates for your interview process. We actively search, screen, and conduct initial interviews with candidates, before delivering a qualified list of candidates ready for interviews.

Second opinion

Do you need help making the right decision? We assist our clients with structured and evidence-based assessments of potential candidates throughout the interview process. Our evaluations are made using certified ability tests, personality tests, and case assignments tailored to the specific role and the needs of your company. In addition, we also assist with coordinating and conducting the entire interview process to ensure structure and a good candidate experience. 

Core domains


    •    Chief Executive Officer
    •    Chief Financial Officer
    •    Chief Commercial Officer
    •    Chief Strategy Officer
    •    Chief Strategy Officer
    •    Chief HR Officer
    •    VP / Director level


    •    Strategy Manager
    •    Business Developer
    •    Marketing Manager
    •    Supply Chain Manager
    •    Commercial Manager / KAM
    •    Procurement Manager
    •    HR  Manager


    •    Corporate Finance
    •    Finance Manager
    •    Business Controller
    •    M&A / Growth
    •    Accountant
    •    Audit & Assurance
    •    GBS/GSS/COE Design

    •    Business Analyst
    •    Data Scientist
    •    Data Analyst
    •    Data Engineer
    •    Business Intelligence
    •    Digital Business Developer
    •    Architecture 

Eirik Haug
Morten Syversen
Rune S. Pedersen